Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, smooth, feels more natural and looks like a real breast.

A breast implant has mainly 2 silicone shapes, round shaped silicone and teardrop shaped silicone. Both of which contain an outer silicone shell and a filler material. Most breast implants contain either silicone gel or saline solution.

Each shape will have many details such as High Profile, Moderate, Low Profile, slope, width, length, and line considerate of height and body width of the patient. In addition personal preference attributes to the final product and depends on several factors.

The silicone has both Smooth and Textured Implants. The Textured surface is more popular as it allows them to adhere to surrounding tissue and causes less stiffness in the chest, than shaped and form-stable implants. They also reduce the rate of capsular contracture and less likely to become repositioned in the implant pocket.

Considering the size of breast implants

The most preferred breast implant in Thailand is minimum of 300 cc as Asian people do not have large structures. The shoulder is not wide, chest is not big. For their safety and beauty. it is important for them to look the best on your body and body structure. After the breast enlargement surgery, most of my clients want a highly visible enhancement.

ศัลยกรรมจมูก ทำนม หมอนพรัตน์

Breast augmentation surgery, locations to place breast implants with Pros and Cons

1. Underarm (Transaxillary Incision)
The oldest surgical method of placing the implants and puts a scar directly on the breast. The scar will be. Because of excessive bleeding and possible pain has made it a less popular method.

2. In Breast Fold (Inframmary Incision)
The inframammary incision is a breast augmentation incision that is made underneath your breast in the breast crease. The incision is small and invisible due to our advanced surgical technique. This provides you with symmetrical results and natural looks. This technique results in minimal bleeding, in most cases less than Rhinoplasty Surgery. Common to only see 1-2 CC and there are no negative effects with breastfeeding.

3. Around nipples (Periareolar Incision)
A periareolar incision is a very skilled breast augmentation incision in which an incision is made at the edge of the outer areolar area and the pocket for the implant is created under direct vision. This procedure is a good fit for patients with minimal excess skin. The disadvantage of this method is it has to go through the milk duct which may cause injury to the milk tube. It leaves no visible scarring on the breast but may affect breastfeeding in the future therefore it is not preferable for patients who are planning to give birth.

4. Abdominoplasty with Breast Augmentation
In this case of the patient requiring an Abdominoplasty with Breast Augmentation at the same time. The placement of breast implants can be made during the abdominoplasty incision. It can be a very safe and effective cosmetic procedure.

Problems with position of breast implants changed or deformities that some people encounter.

‘I heard if you use teardrop silicone implants there will be deformities, but I personally have never found this problem with our patients. I think the physician misplaced the silicone implant from the beginning of the surgery. After the surgery, it swelled so it couldn’t be noticing but once it was healing, the shape became clearer.’

Breast Augmentation Post Operation Care, Need a breast massage therapy?

‘With our latest technology of breast augmentation along with the high quality of the implantation, my patients can take care of themselves by breast massage per their choice and don’t need to have an official breast massage therapy like in the past.’

Breast Augmentation: Weighing the Pros and Cons

‘Breast Augmentation may help to improve your figure and shape, but it needs to fit your physical body. People looking at your breast, instead of looking at your face!’
Breast Augmentation requires surgery, you need to learn more about your implant options, considering the surgery, reliable breast augmentation surgeons, sanitized clinic or hospital, to prevent infection.

    ศัลยกรรมจมูก ทำนม หมอนพรัตน์