Zvrs Ipad Agreement

C. The Customer acknowledges that Product™ Z will be provided to the Customer free of charge or at a significant discount because the purchase price has been subsidized by ZVRS. Accordingly, Customer agrees that Customer will not sell, rent, transfer or otherwise permit ownership™ of Product™ Z to any other person or entity without ZVRS` written consent (which may be withheld in its sole discretion) to another person or entity. Customer acknowledges that ZVRS will disable and render Product Z unusable and charge Customer at least $250 as a collection fee if ZVRS determines that Product™™ Z has been sold, rented or transferred or is otherwise used in violation of these Terms and Conditions. Customer also acknowledges that ZVRS has the right and option to repurchase Product™ Z if it has been sold, leased, transferred or otherwise used in violation of this Agreement. ZVRS further reserves the right to pursue all other remedies available at law or in favour of any unauthorized transfer of Product™ Z or any other breach of this Agreement. M. stolen, damaged or defective product. If Product Z has been stolen or damaged, altered or malfunctioned, the Customer agrees to immediately send us an email to help@zvrs.com or, if possible, to contact our service staff regarding Product™™ Z. ZVRS reserves the right to charge a fee for the repair or replacement of a damaged or stolen Product™ Z. ZVRS does not charge the customer for repairs made by the manufacturer under a manufacturer`s warranty for us. Customer further agrees that as long as ZVRS is the default supplier of the telephone number(s) assigned to Product Z, only ZVRS may maintain or repair Product Z and Customer will not authorize anyone other than ZVRS, including but not limited to other vrS Suppliers, to attempt to repair or maintain product™™™ Z.D. The Customer has the right to transfer the ten-digit local number(s) assigned to ZVRS to Product™ Z to a standard supplier other than ZVRS.

If Customer transfers the ten-digit number assigned to its Product Z to another supplier within six (6) months of receipt of Product Z, Customer will owe ZVRS a handling fee of $100 to cover our shipping and handling costs to provide Product™™™ Z to Customer. Please note that if Customer transfers the ten-digit local number assigned to its Product Z obtained through a special offer to a standard supplier other than ZVRS within 12 months™™ of receipt of Product Z, ZVRS shall owe ZVRS a device license fee or “ELF” equal to the retail purchase price of the Product. The ELF drops to 50% of the retail purchase price after the first 24 months. The customer can return the undamaged™ Z product to ZVRS instead of paying the ELF. To arrange the return of product™ Z to avoid paying for an ELF, the customer can help@zvrs.com send an email or make a point-to-point call to 866-932-7891. If the Customer does not pay for the ELF Product or does not return the Z Product, ZVRS reserves the right to take legal action and/or deactivate the Z. I Product™™. The Customer hereby understands and acknowledges that the Customer`s use of Product Z requires that the Customer`s voice and/or image™ be recorded and transmitted over the Internet. The Customer further understands that due to the nature of the Internet, any data protection rights, copyrights or other rights or interests in the Voice, Image or Likeness of the Customer in connection with a particular transmission may be lost as a result of such transmission.

The Customer expressly authorizes and grants ZVRS permission to record and transmit the Customer`s voice, likeness and/or image via the Internet solely for the use of VRS` interpretation services, and agrees to release ZVRS from any liability for any loss of rights and/or interests arising from the transmission of the Customer`s voice, compensate. Image and/or image via the Internet. The foregoing shall not be construed as consent to the use of the Customer`s voice, image or effigy for any purpose other than the provision of VRS. Except for the permission and authorization expressly granted to ZVRS in this Agreement, the Customer reserves all right, title and interest in and to all forms of voice, image or likeness of the Customer. The Customer undertakes not to use or facilitate the voice, image and/or likeness of the ZVRS-VRS interpreter other than for the lawful use of Product™ Z for the purposes intended by ZVRS for the performance of its VRS interpretation services. ZVRS has the right to immediately terminate, suspend, restrict or cancel customer`s use of™ Product Z without notice if ZVRS becomes aware that customer is or may be in violation of the prohibitions in this paragraph. This Section 6 of the Agreement shall survive the termination of the Agreement. This Agreement is effective from the date product Z is delivered to customer and/or the date customer first uses Z™™, whichever comes first. By using Product Z, Customer expressly warrants and represents™ that Customer has the authority and right to enter into this Agreement and agrees to all terms and conditions contained herein. In the event that the customer does not accept all the terms and conditions contained herein, the customer must immediately return the product™ Z to ZVRS at the expense of the customer. (vi) Customer acknowledges that ZVRS provides users with user notifications for e911 address numbers and services on its website under www.zvrs.com/about/fcc/ and that Customer has received and understood such information. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless ZVRS and its subsidiaries, affiliates and its directors, officers, employees, agents and employees from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages and expenses to the extent arising out of or in connection with Customer`s act of negligence, negligent omission, breach of this Agreement or wilful misconduct.

This provision shall survive the termination of this Agreement. L. Returns. To arrange the return of product™ Z to avoid paying for an ELF, the customer must help@zvrs.com send an email or make a point-to-point call to 1-866-932-7891. Once customer has received return information from ZVRS, Customer must return Product™ Z at Customer`s expense within forty-five (45) days of selecting another standard supplier. The customer must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that product™ Z is safely packaged to ensure that it remains protected from damage during shipment. If Product™ Z is damaged during delivery to ZVRS, ZVRS reserves the right to assess the damage in accordance with this Agreement. Customer does not have the right to grant permission to return Product Z to another VRS provider or business entity that cooperates™ with or for another VRS provider. H.Remedies. Customer agrees that in the event that Customer violates or threatens to violate any provision or condition of this Agreement, ZVRS shall immediately be entitled to seek all remedies available to it under law and in equity.

If it becomes necessary for ZVRS to apply for an injunction, ZVRS is not obliged to post a bond or other guarantee. F. ZVRS reserves the right to investigate any abusive, pornographic, obscene, obscene, harassing, fraudulent or illegal use or access to product Z or any breach of this Agreement™ and to demand reimbursement and damages arising out of or resulting from such misuse. To the extent permitted by law, ZVRS shall not be liable for any costs or damages™ arising directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of Product Z by the Customer. In addition, ZVRS reserves the right to ensure that Customer`s use of Product Z does not violate the terms of this Agreement and to terminate this Agreement and immediately repossess Product™™ Z in the event of a breach. E. Customer agrees not to use Product Z for abusive, pornographic, obscene, obscene, harassing, fraudulent or illegal purposes and not to use Product™ Z in a manner that impairs ZVRS` ability to provide VRS products or services to Customer or ™ another Customer. ZVRS has the right to immediately terminate, suspend, restrict or cancel Customer`s use of™ Product Z without notice if ZVRS becomes aware that Customer is or may be in violation of the prohibitions in this Agreement. Use of Product Z confirms™ that Customer has fully read and understood the terms of this Agreement. Customer understands that the installation, use and continued functionality of the Z Products referred to in this Agreement are subject™ to Customer`s acceptance of and compliance with the terms contained herein. C. Entire Agreement.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Customer and ZVRS and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, representations or proposals and written or oral statements regarding Product™ Z. No written or oral statement, advertisement or service description that is not expressly contained in the Agreement may contradict, explain or supplement it. Neither Customer nor ZVRS relies on any statements or representations made by the other party or any other person not contained in this Agreement. H. All calls made via ZVRS are confidential. ZVRS will not disclose any information from the customer`s conversations and will not keep records of the content or content of the conversations, unless this is necessary for the provision of a video messaging service. ZVRS has implemented technological and security features as well as strict policy guidelines to protect the confidentiality of the customer`s video relay calls and any customer-identifiable information from unauthorized access or misuse. Activation of J.OneVP. To enable OneVP, customer accepts and grants ZVRS administrative permission to perform Nvidia configuration, including activation of the operating system and Google accounts. .